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We create animation. We have been doing this for a long time and we really enjoy it. We just love it. Everything is possible in the world of animation. Any fantasies are real and any tasks are achievable. It’s amazing. The goal of our team is to constantly confirm this. For this, our creative team will lay out for 100%, and the producers for 200%. We believe in the ideas of our clients, and clients trust us. That how it works.

Lisenbart Production creates 2D and 3D animation, traditional (or hand-drawn) animation and motion graphics. Stop motion and collage animation. We develop characters, create ideas and write scripts.

We are welcome you! Let us make you dreams real!

Our team


 Dmytro Lisenbart

He is a big daddy and a naughty son of the studio at the same time.
If Dmytro is not drawing – call emergency!


Denys Veremiienko (Gagarin)

All the numbers must be counted and all the tasks must be done due date.
Denys is the one who lives like this.


Nazar Zhytkevych

“What if?” – is the favorite question of Nazar the dreamer.
“Let’s put it simple” – that want Nazar the pragmatic answers.


Katia Zhytkevych

As a girl, Katya is happy that we have social media.
She knows everything about everybody. And she can tell all of these people about us.


Yuriy Kornievych

Call Yura at 2 am and tell that we need a stallion for filming at 7am,
the question he will put, – Which suite?